MTE Expert Trading

Starting Point for Integrated Nursing Caregiving Service
A Service for the Safety and Health of all the patient, Guardian, and Nurse

The Multiple inpatient Monotoring System, Implemented throughout medical facilities, is designed to allow the condition of the patient to be managed in real time at the nurse station.
Thriugh the implementation of yhe integrated Nursing Caregiving service, the cutting edge IoT Fusion Tecnology is pushing to make hospitals without caregivers a reality.


    To prepare for the growing welfare market and an inclusive nursing service, we offer technology that will improve the working environment and productivity of the medical staff. The technology service is comprised an environment sensor, a noninvasive vital sign sensor, and a Bluetooth Beacon, which together offers the ability to measure a patient’s vital signs, detect abnormalities or symptoms (apnea, abnormal heart rates, etc), work as a tracking device to tell if the patient might fall/has already fallen or is trying to leave the hospital unattended, and report other aspects of the patients health, allowing for an instantaneous response in the chance a life threatening situation suddenly arises.