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FX Mirror

FX Mirror is an augmented-reality based virtual fitting room system, an innovative retail and marketing solution for fashion retailers.
An electronic mirror is combined with an extra-large digital display, incorporating infrared and RGB cameras, integrated with 3D virtual fitting software. This system utilize FXGear’s proprietary technology, virtually recreating the shopper's body and’s skeleton based on the analysis of the height, weight, and feature points and show the 3D garment fitting simulation in real-time.


  • Automatic and Accurate Body Measurements within two seconds.
  • Fast Browsing and Selection of Items easily change in and out of clothes , users can switch from one piece of clothing to another, trying on as many styles as they like in a short time.
  • Real time 3D Virtual Fitting try on new clothes, realistically draped over the customers body, moving freely as they moves.
  • Detailed information of selected items price, available size, color and fabric info.
  • Advertising features use the mirror to display a digital look book, brand promotion video or cross promote sale items in inactive mode.
  • 3D Virtual Fitting & Interactive Play with Mobile Integration
  • Parents and retail staff alike can browse multiple items for children to try on with ease, while the responsive game
  • like 3D virtual fitting room keeps them engaged. FXMirror KIDs provides an interactive and exciting shopping experience for both parents and children.


  • FXMirror introduces seamless integration of the top
  • notch virtual fitting technology to retail stores, and ultimately offers an innovative and interactive brand experience for the consumers.
  • With the exceptional user experience, FXMirror will Increase brand awareness, in store purchasing rate and online sales by granting the consumers an access to extended range of garments try on, efficiently browse various garments from retailer’s in store and online inventory.
  • Treats customer visits as an opportunity to tell the story of the brand from the moment they walk though the front door with the Advertising feature.
  • Enables shoppers to discover new items that they had not previously considered.
  • Provides fitting experience of items that are out of stock or not in the stores.
  • Retailers and Brands can collect customer’s data such as preference and satisfaction rate for each items and apply the results for inventory management and manufacturing.
  • FXMirror, the evolution of the fitting room, offers retailers the solution that will reduce time, space, labor and cost of maintenance of a “physical fitting room”.
  • FXMirror can be integrated with the existing CRM system and will provide a better shopping experience not only at various retail locations and promotional events, but also online and other omni shopping channels. The technology will enhance the immersive brand experience and offer a more rich product experience for the potential customer. It will enable the consumer to make decision in a very cost/time
  • effective way and increase brand loyalty.